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1) Please note that we do not currently ship our products.
2) Also, please note that weight–per–package amounts shown in our product pages are averages,
so costs will vary. For each given cut of meat, this order form uses the high-end weight of the cut's average range to calcuate your estimated cost.
3) After we receive your order, we will contact you with the exact weights and costs for your order, and coordinate pick-up or delivery and payment for your order.
4) Call us at (479) 200-0078 or email us if you have any questions.
Category Cut Price Package Size Quantity Subtotal
Steak Beef Tenderloin $20.00/lb. 0.75lb. pkg. $0.00
New York Strip $17.00/lb. 1.25lb. pkg. $0.00
Sirloin $15.00/lb. 2.5lb. pkg. $0.00
Rib Steak $15.00/lb. 2.5lb. pkg. $0.00
Rib Eye $15.00/lb. 1.5lb. pkg. $0.00
T-Bone $14.00/lb. 1.5lb. pkg. $0.00
Flat Iron Steak $13.00/lb. 1lb. pkg. $0.00
Flank Steak $9.00/lb. 1.25lb. pkg. $0.00
Skirt Steak $8.00/lb. 2lb. pkg. $0.00
Minute Steak $7.00/lb. 1.75lb. pkg. $0.00
Roast Rump Roast $8.00/lb. 3.5lb. pkg. $0.00
Chuck Roast $7.00/lb. 3.75lb. pkg. $0.00
Ground Breakfast Sausage $8.00/lb. 1lb. pkg. $0.00
Ground Beef $7.00/lb. 1lb. pkg. $0.00
Assorted Beef Tips $7.00/lb. 1lb. pkg. $0.00
Short Ribs $7.00/lb. 2lb. pkg. $0.00
Brisket $7.00/lb. 3.5lb. pkg. $0.00
Soup Bones $5.00/lb. 2.25lb. pkg. $0.00
Oxtail $5.00/lb. 1.5lb. pkg. $0.00
Tongue $5.00/lb. 2.75lb. pkg. $0.00
Liver $4.00/lb. 1lb. pkg. $0.00
Kidney $4.00/lb. 1lb. pkg. $0.00